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Members Subscription Service

subscription-pcSurgery for Lawyers™ offers a Members Subscription Service that ensures the medico-legal practitioner is always up to date with the latest changes relevant to their industry.

With the arrival of Disability Care Australia, changes in impairment assessment calculations will play a key part in the delivery of services to clients and outcomes of treatments and rehabilitation.

The Surgery for Lawyers™ Members Subscription Service will feature e-News delivered each month, discussing relevant developments in medical techniques and the outcomes for client rehabilitation.

Each month we will showcase an informative case study for impairment assessment, discussing the process and final evaluations. This service is a must for a tailored, focussed discussion in the key area of medico-legal work, with particular interest for practitioners who are time poor and who need ready access to the latest information delivered to their desktop by a reliable and respected source.

With content curated by the Surgery for Lawyers™ Editorial Team under the direction of Cristina Morganti-Kossmann Adj. Ass Prof Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine at Monash University, Research Associate Professor at the Department of Child Health, Univerity of Arizona, Phoenix, USA,  the information will be a must for every lawyer and legal practice to help them keep up to date and informed at all times. The Subscription Service will provide a wealth of essential information for your team.

Subscription Members have exclusive access to the Surgery for Lawyers™ Members Resource Library more.

Membership Subscription Fees


Individual Membership Practice Memberships Large Practice Memberships
$49 p/mth

for 4 - 20 employees
$129 p/m
for 21+ employees
$195 p/mth




Membership Subscription Fees based on 12 month commitment billed monthly/annually.